Stoner angels on my couch

Metaphorically run-don’t-walk to Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell, a webcomic that balances snarky and endearing beautifully. Darwin’s landlord is the Minotaur and his pet manticore was once owned by Jesus, probably.

It’s tough living in the 21st century, when mythical beings not only roam the earth, but camp out on your sofa and raid your refrigerator. Jobs are scarce; angels infest Brooklyn (the demons have taken all the good property in Manhattan) and minor gods bus tables at the local diner. The mortals of New York must balance not only their checkbooks but keep a close eye on their souls’ karmic account. (From Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell, by Sophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan)

Semi-random pages:

I hope the near future is exactly like this. As Laurie Anderson says, “Heaven is exactly like where you are right now. Only much, much better.” And with demigods.

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